My name is Ellie Grace and I’m a tea lover (Certified ITMA tea sommelier). I’m a self published author of over 20 young adult books ( So, I know a little about this writing thing, but here on this blog I’m only talking tea. By talking tea, I mean talkin’ tea. That means that we’re doing things causally here. I’m gonna be straight forward, I’m gonna be honest, but I’m gonna talk to you like I would a friend or a neighbor. Not like I’m talkin’ to you on some corporate website.

I call it Swankie tea because to me there’s nothing swankier than a cup of tea ( maybe with your pinky in the air, but that’s not really correct) Drinking tea to me is an elegant experience. You boil the water, you take the tea leaves or in a tea bag, you steep them, you put time and effort waiting for the rich flavors to take over the water, you blow on it ever so gently to cool enough to sip, you sip and you have the flavors, the warm, the soothing. Whether you enjoy on a cold summer night, a chilly winter day, or a spring time tea party…there’s something so elegant about having a cup of tea.

For me, every morning before I sit down to write I turn the pot on, grab a mug and steep some tea. Being a southern girl, I’ve tried more sweet teas than I can even remember, but that’s where my love for tea starts. Tea has always been in my house whether it’s cold or hot I’ve had it, but as I grew older I realized the benefits of some teas. I have a bad stomach to put it simply. I will probably bring that up a time or two because when I started obsessing with teas I was on the hunt of the perfect tea to calm my stomach.

I’m here to talk about tea and everything that goes along with it.

I’ve got a healthy obsession with teas, mugs and tea time foods, so enjoy!


(Ellie Grace of Swankie Tea)