WOW! It’s been so long since I’ve posted a blog here. I have so much that’s been happening. We’re still friends, right? Since last year when I was posting on the blog I have become a tea sommelier. I started, completed, and passed my International Tea Masters Association tea sommelier course! YAY! BUT passing the course means that I have the basics. That I have the start. I know how to steep tea, I know what tea is what. I know tea inside and out, but I still feel like after becoming a tea sommelier I’m only at the beginning of a new journey with a little more knowledge. I’ve been trying to figure out how to talk about my journey. I was so nervous during my training that if I talked about my training it would cause me to end up failing, so I stayed away from talking about it. Now, that I’m done with training. I’m ever so ready to jump my feet into the tea world and into the world that doesn’t know much about tea. I want to share to with everyone. I haven’t found the best way that I want to do that yet. Of course, this blog is a start, but I’m hoping to write a book as well. (yeah, I’m a writing, so naturally.) Anyways, I’m here to do some writing, y’all!