I’d like to say I have three first experiences tasting tea and I’ll share two right now with you.

My first experience with tea was in Morocco. I lived in Morocco for two years with my family when I was very little. Still a baby, but there are many things like foods that I remember, very very well.

I don’t know how this tea was made, but I had a mint tea that was sweet. It wasn’t so much that you could taste the sweetness which you could, but you could smell the sweet in the air and the mint. It was so fresh. I was so young, but this memory comes back to me whenever I have mint tea. I think of how it tasted when I had it there.

My second memory that  I remember with more focus is here in America on a cold winter day. My mother made peppermint tea. It was Celestial Seasoning, no big surprise there. That was the first tea I had tried and I remember that I put a lot of sugar in it as any kid would. Until about 5 years ago, Peppermint tea was the only tea that I had hot.


Of course these are all HERBAL teas.

Stay steepy!